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How to maintain the drilling tool?

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Drilling tool is a jointing tool, mainly used in shaft construction, to link drill bits and rock drilling equipment. Many mining machine tools are widely used in mining, water conservancy tunnels, and other projects with the help of drilling tools. Now let's learn how to maintain the drilling tool!

Here is the content list:

  • Drilling tool before use to prepare

  • Drilling tool before use to prepare

drilling tool

Drilling tool before use to prepare

1. Check the appearance quality of the drilling tool. Such as brazing rod surface whether defects are affecting the use of the rod, brazing rod straightness is good, etc., these factors are caused by the handling process. Drilling tool users with slight bending can solve it on the spot, and please don't use the hammering method when straightening.

2. Check whether the brazing rod and the brazing head are well-matched, otherwise, it is easy to break the brazing slightly. Pay attention to the wear of the cutting edge of the brazing head. Continuing to use an abnormally broken brazing head will make the brazing head scrap in advance on the one hand, and greatly reduce the service life of the brazing rod on the other.

3. Check the drilling tool and rock drills and connections with the situation, sometimes it is due to the wear of rock drill parts caused by the early failure of the brazing rod, such as pneumatic rock drill hexagonal set of serious wear, on the one hand, will cause the drilling tool to bear eccentric impact load, so that its early fracture, on the other hand, the internal parts of the rock drill also have the impact of accelerated wear.

4. Check whether the drilling tool water hole is smooth, the water hole is not available brazing rod should not be used. In this case, the manufacturer will give a free replacement.

Correct use of drill pipe maintenance

The first-time maintenance and inspection of the drill rod. Drilling tool after the first drilling or 50 hours after the application of the first maintenance and inspection. Drilling tool on the key strip surface compressive strength, low strength, the short-term application will be piled up, resulting in burrs, after 50 hours of application or after a good pile should be opened, grinding burrs, to avoid skewed drill rod. Drilling tool joint is essentially an isolation bar with a certain total width and thickness along with the upper orientation of the joint circle.

The drilling tool joint is a component of the drilling tool, which is connected to both ends of the drill pipe body by a male and a female joint. To enhance the connection strength of the joint, the wall thickness of the pipe body needs to be increased at the joint part, which can be divided into three forms according to the way of thickening: inner thickening, outer thickening, and inner and outer thickening. Inspection and correction of the straightness of the casing. The inspection and correction of the straightness of the casing should be carried out on the level ground before the construction of the bored bite pile of the drilling tool. First, the straightness of a single section of the casing should be checked and corrected, and then all the casing configured according to the pile length should be connected to check and correct the straightness of the whole casing.

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