Underground Drill Rig Parts

With over 28 years of underground mining drill rig rebuilding and maintenance experience, we are so much familiar with different parts and replacement. 
We will try to offer better quality replacement parts with better price.

How to Get Price?

We need following infomation to make sure the exact vehicle type and option:
1. Vehicle type & assembly name plate;
2. Part no.
3. Quantity.
After we have these information, we would be able to offer freight, lead time and our best price.

Sandvik Parts

DD210 / DL210 / DD311 / DS311/ DL321 / DD411 / DD422 / DL431 / SOLO5 / M4C

Atlas Copco (Epiroc) Parts

281 / 282 / S1D / T1D / S7D / 235H / H1254 / H1354

Complete Drill Rig Vehicle

We are also manufacturer of underground vehicles for drill rig. We would be able to supply good quality vehicle with better aftersales service.

Our Method

Benchmarking international famous brand,we learn、 follow and surpass, try our best to make the performance of the equipment reaches over 90% with a much cheaper price.
We concern on the operating cost per ton of ore, and now our feedback from client is getting better and better.
Also we keep improve the after-sales service and have a complete program to help on-site operation.

Supply Chain

We are holding a complete supply chain of different spare parts for international famous brand with original parts and analogue. A strict quality control system will help us with a more cost-effective replacement.

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