Our Service Process​​​​​​​
Set an order
    • Kindly let us know your detailed request with the condition, capacity demand, type of ore and any other necessary information.
      Send a request
    • As soon as we get your request, our professional engineer would give a dependant solution with detailed vehicle type, sugguest options, possible problems and gradual spare part list.
    • With these information, our sales will guide you step by step for your purchase.
    • During this process we would also adjust the solution according to your info, try our best to find the fittest solution for you.
    • We welcome every client come to visit our factory. We would be very glad to pick you up from airport or station and show you in details of our production line.
    • After negociate, all detailed requested model of vehicles are confirmed with options from your side.
      Model Confirm
    • With a detailed vehicle & options settled, we would provide a competitive price with the most cost-efficient quality according to your budget.
      Price Corfirm
    • We would offer a proforma invoice for you to confirm. Kindly set a purchase order with down payment so we could arrange production and spare parts preparation.
      We are holding Western Union, Paypal for micropayments, and we also accept T/T, L/C & SinoSure.
      Set Purchase Order
    • For spare parts we usually have storage, some of them would need 1 month for production as for some hot selling parts.
      For vehicles, the production time will depend on different models. Most of them should be within 3 months
    • During the producing period, we would let you know how is everything going every week / month.
    • About 1 week before production complete, we would inform you for early preparation.
      Finish Production
    • After balance payment is down, we would offer a full set of document and help you with following details for clearance.
    • We have a steady cooperate forwarder, which can give us the best discount for freight.
      Also if you have your own forwarder, we would be very glad to cooperate together with documents & delivery.
    • Our engineer will arrive at your mine at the same time with our product, they will be on duty of the complete installation
    • After installation, our engineer will stay to adjust the production line, make sure the capacity reach our commitment.
    • Our technical team will stay on-site for a period of time according to your situation for some guidance.
      On-site Technical Support
    • We have a full system of training for operating and maintenance. During the on-site survice, our engineer will gruadually teach in details for your engineer.
    • Quick-wear part & maintenance parts list can be a very important part in training. We will offer a full set of spare part list and tell you in details for which part would need to change in an exact time.
      Spare Parts List
    • Our engineer will always be ready to help you online with different problems. With over 10 years experience, they may guide you with every anticipate possible problems.
      On-line Technical Support
    • The maintenance should be devided in to 3 parts: daily, monthly and annual. This is also a very important part in training. Different maintenance should have differential treatment, we would teach step by step and offer a full set of document and management sugguestion.
    • Within 1 year warranty, we would be very glad to help you with different types of problem on not only operating, problem solving, if there is a spare part quality problem, after confirm of not being caused by human operating error, we would offer a new replacement for free.
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