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Equipped with 18U or HC109 Coverage area 3000X3000-5050X4500 CYTJ45(HT82) Hydraulic drilling jumbo is used for underground tunneling construction in metal mine and other small and medium sized cross section tunneling work . Due to advanced all hydraulic drilling system, and anti-jamming function, the jumbo features of rapid drilling speed, and high efficiency. Compact structure and flexible tramming could greatly improve working environment and gets efficiency and qualified development.
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Product introduction of drilling tool

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A drilling tool is a tool used to connect drill bit and rock drilling in road works, and a machine tool to connect drill bit and rock drilling in shaft work. Usually, the brazing rods used in mine works are hexagonal hollow steel and hollow garden steel. Let's learn what a drilling tool is!

Here is the content list:

  • General knowledge of drilling tool

  • How to choose the right drilling tool

  • Anti-rust measures of drilling tool

drilling tool

General knowledge of drilling tool

A drilling tool is a tool for connecting a drill bit to a rock drill in a roadway, a tool for connecting a drill bit to a rock drill in a shaft project. The hexagonal hollow steel has a diameter of 22mm and 25mm, and the outer diameter of hollow garden steel is 32mm and 38mm. After brazing the steel, the finished brazing is forged to a certain length and then mounted directly on the drill chisel. The finished YAM is forged to a certain length and then installed directly on the brazing bit chisel eye. The forged drilling tool is made by shearing the hollow hexagonal steel as needed, forging the brazing tail and brazing head with a forging machine, and then installing the brazing head to chisel the hole.

The quality of the drilling tool depends on many factors, such as the type of steel, the hot external brazing process, the structural design of the rod, the transition between different sections, the size of the transition arc, and many other factors. Among these factors, the heat treatment of the drilling tool is the main reason for the low life of the rod or its early failure. The correct choice of brazing rod heat treatment process will effectively improve the quality and service life of our drilling tool products, reduce consumption, and contribute to the improvement of the comprehensive social benefits.

How to choose the right drilling tool

1. When choosing the drilling tool, please be familiar with the technical performance of the rock drilling equipment you have or will have.

2. Select the correct rock drilling and blasting method according to the rock condition and construction conditions, to determine the specifications of the rod used, the length of the rod, the connection method, the form and diameter of the head

3. When the elected drilling tool has more abnormal fractures, the blasting method should be adjusted and the appropriate rod should be selected in time. Such as: changing the length of the rod, the size of the rod section, the diameter of the head, etc.

4. According to the rock drilling equipment and rock drilling conditions to choose the manufacturer of the drilling tool, to get a good cost performance, that is, with a smaller investment, to obtain greater use of the benefits.

Anti-rust measures of drilling tool

1. The builder can choose the suitable rust remover for the drilling tool according to the type of geological drilling rod, surface condition, dimensional accuracy, and surface quality of the parts. Or the acid cleaning method which uses chemicals to dissolve the rust products on the metal surface by chemical reaction. The principle is the dissolution of the acid to the metal and the mechanical action of the hydrogen generated in the chemical reaction to the rust layer and it comes off. Commonly used acids include hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, etc.

2. Coating anti-corrosion in professional factories, with guaranteed construction quality.

3. phenolic resin modified epoxy resin type coatings and epoxy polyurethane coatings are very effective in preventing corrosion of drilling tools.

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