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Notes on the drilling tool

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drilling tool is a mining tool used to drill eye holes in rocks or other structures, and the rock drilling industry has been developing rapidly with the blossoming of transportation and mining industries. Brazing tools in the process of rock drilling to withstand severe vibration, impact, and corrosion of the harsh environment and other conditions, the loss is very large. So, what should we pay attention to when using the drilling tool?

Here is the content list:

  • Precautions about the drilling tool

  • How to reduce the wear of the drilling tool

drilling tool

Precautions about the drilling tool

1. Check the appearance quality of the drilling tool. Such as whether there are defects on the surface of the brazing rod that affect the use, whether the straightness of the brazing rod is good, etc. Some of these factors are caused by the handling process. The user of the drilling tool with a slight bend can solve it on the spot, and please do not use hammering when straightening.

2. Before using the brazing rod, check whether the water hole is clear, and do not use the brazing rod whose water hole is not clear. In this case, the manufacturer will give a free exchange.

3. Check the cooperation between the drilling tool and the rock drill and the connecting parts, sometimes the early failure of the brazing rod is caused by the wear of the rock drill parts. If the hexagonal casing of the pneumatic rock drill is worn seriously, it will cause the drilling tool to bear the eccentric impact load on the one hand and make it fracture early. On the other hand, it also has the effect of accelerating the wear on the internal parts of the rock drill.

4. When drilling shell holes in rock bodies with broken rocks and developed crevices, it is better to use cross-type and ball-tooth type brazing heads. To prevent unnecessary loss of the drilling tool due to the square braze jam. Pay attention to prevent damage to the surface of the rod when dealing with stuck rods, as the service life of a rod with surface damage will be greatly reduced.

5. Pay attention to the wear of the cutting edge of the brazing head. Continued use of an abnormally damaged brazing head will lead to early scrapping of the brazing head on the one hand, and greatly reduce the service life of the drilling tool on the other.

6. Brazing rod should have enough cooling water when in use (rock drilling equipment has certain requirements for water pressure and water volume). It can help you to improve the speed of rock drilling on the one hand, and prevent the rise of temperature in the use of the drilling tool from causing early failure of the rod due to the change of the rod material properties on the other hand.

7. Drilling tool should be kept in a dry place such as a storehouse to ensure that it is protected from rain and water intrusion. Similarly, when the rock drilling work is finished, keep the surface of the rod as dry as possible and put the rod up in a dry place to prevent shortening the service life due to serious rusting of the rod.

How to reduce the wear of the drilling tool

1. Brazing rod handling

Proper handling of the drilling tool should pay special attention to the threaded connection to avoid damage to the threads. All brazing rods, drill collars, rotary joints, components, and other drilling equipment must be fed with a suitable thread protector. The threads should also be properly cleaned and lubricated, and the thread protector should be properly installed, preferably a steel protector rather than a plastic one.

2. New connections

New drilling tool tubing columns require special attention. The connection must be broken following the manufacturer's procedures, with the proper application of chemical torque and breakage checks, cleaning of the threads, and supplemental torque.

3. Correct composition of drilling equipment

The third important factor is the proper composition of the drilling equipment during rig operations. The threads of the drilling tool should be properly cleaned by applying the proper amount of paint, primarily for sealing the shoulders. It is important to visually inspect and replace worn or damaged parts. When engaging the threads of the drilling tool, this should be done under control, if the pin falls on the box shoulder by pushing the single and double bracket without impact, applying the correct torque required for the threaded form.

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