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FAMBITION Series Underground Dumper Truck Mining Truck is designed & manufactured and tested in strict accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, CE-MD standards, following safety, environmental protection, efficient, inteligent and reliable design concepts. It has features of hight transport efficiency, low maintenance cost, strong power and heavy loading capacity.
Equipped with 18U or HC109 Coverage area 3000X3000-5050X4500 CYTJ45(HT82) Hydraulic drilling jumbo is used for underground tunneling construction in metal mine and other small and medium sized cross section tunneling work . Due to advanced all hydraulic drilling system, and anti-jamming function, the jumbo features of rapid drilling speed, and high efficiency. Compact structure and flexible tramming could greatly improve working environment and gets efficiency and qualified development.
Underground scooptram loader from China with global famous brand core element, hot selling in different countries.

​Introduction to underground drilling

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There are many types of underground mineral resources. The geomorphology, geological structure, ore body morphology, and grade changes of many metal deposits and rare metal deposits are more complicated. To obtain reserves above Grade C, a combination of surface drilling and underground drilling must be used to reach it. The following will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of underground drilling.

Here is the content list:

What is underground drilling?

What is the purpose of using underground drilling?

What are the main application areas of underground drilling?

What is underground drilling?

Underground drilling refers to the drilling work in which special drilling rigs drill holes at various angles in a narrow underground tunnel. Compared with surface drilling, underground drilling is mostly a full range of small-diameter shallow holes. We know that surface drilling is restricted by the topography and ore body shape and other conditions, and often has to pass through a very thick overburden to control the ore body. However, the use of tunnel excavation to control the ore body requires slow construction speed and high cost. Therefore, underground drilling has been paid more and more attention.

With the development of the drilling machinery design and manufacturing industry, some special new full hydraulic tunnels have come out one after another. They have the characteristics of small size, lightweight, high degree of automation, tower-less lifting and long-stroke feed, etc., which overcomes the need to excavate surface drilling rigs in the past a large chamber, large and heavy space occupied, complicated operation and other shortcomings.

underground drilling

What is the purpose of using underground drilling?

The main purposes of using underground drilling are:

1.Prove the structure of the surrounding rock;

2.Reveal the occurrence of the ore body;

3.Detect dangerous conditions such as groundwater and gas in advance in the mining tunnel;

4.Discover the blind ore body;

5.Replace some exploration tunnels or guide the tunnel excavation direction.

What are the main application areas of underground drilling?

In recent years, underground drilling has developed rapidly, and it has been widely used in mining development services and other engineering fields.

1.In the general survey and exploration of mineral deposits, especially in the general survey and exploration of non-ferrous and rare metals and other mineral deposits, underground drilling is used to trace the deposit, intensified exploration and survey of geological structures to delineate the ore body, sampling, and verification, etc.

2. In mine development, underground drilling techniques are commonly used to drill underground observation holes, ventilation holes, drainage holes, gas discharge holes, grouting holes, blast holes, anchor holes, and pilot holes for excavating tunnels.

3.In other geotechnical engineering construction fields, the equipment and technology of underground drilling can be used for the support of deep foundation pits for the slope reinforcement of dam foundations, the treatment of geological disasters, and the construction of underground engineering in industrial, commercial, transportation and military aspects.

Hambition Mining has developed a variety of underground drillings and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. These smart underground drillings not only have a large exhaust capacity but also have strong endurance. If you are in the underground drilling business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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