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FAMBITION Series Underground Dumper Truck Mining Truck is designed & manufactured and tested in strict accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001, CE-MD standards, following safety, environmental protection, efficient, inteligent and reliable design concepts. It has features of hight transport efficiency, low maintenance cost, strong power and heavy loading capacity.
Equipped with 18U or HC109 Coverage area 3000X3000-5050X4500 CYTJ45(HT82) Hydraulic drilling jumbo is used for underground tunneling construction in metal mine and other small and medium sized cross section tunneling work . Due to advanced all hydraulic drilling system, and anti-jamming function, the jumbo features of rapid drilling speed, and high efficiency. Compact structure and flexible tramming could greatly improve working environment and gets efficiency and qualified development.
Underground scooptram loader from China with global famous brand core element, hot selling in different countries.

Do you know what an underground scooptram loader is?

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Underground scooptram loaders are the main equipment for underground mining operations and are widely used in mining and underground projects due to their excellent advantages such as high efficiency, flexibility, mobility, and low manufacturing cost. Next, I would like to introduce an underground scooptram loader.

Here is the content list:

1.What is the working principle of the underground scooptram loader?

2.What are the characteristics of underground scooptram loaders?

3.What are the benefits of underground scooptram loaders?

underground scooptram loader

What is the working principle of the underground scooptram loader?

The underground scooptram loaderuses wear-resistant and smooth rubber tires for walking, the front and rear axles are driven synchronously, the central hinged steering wheel, front bucket, and front unloading underground loading and ore. We will transport the equipment. Underground scooptram loaders employ housing mining methods such as stage caves, vacant lots, pillars, ore storage, layered filling, mining, road excavation, ballast removal, construction sites, roads suitable for road construction and leveling, And material transportation, and other auxiliary work.

What are the characteristics of underground scooptram loaders?

1. The underground scooptram loader uses a hydraulic mechanical transmission system that maximizes the power of the power machine, automatically adapts to load fluctuations within a certain range, and automatically adjusts the speed.

2. The underground scooptram loader uses a power shift gearbox that is easy to operate and flexible.

3. The underground scooptram loader adopts four-wheel drive of front and rear wheels, the front wheels are equipped with non-slip differentials, the rear wheels swing, the driving force is large, the mountain climbing ability is strong, and there is various adaptability. Harsh road conditions;

4. Smooth cut resistance tires of underground scooptram loader s have a long tire life.

5. The underground scooptram loader employs an articulated frame with a small turning radius and flexible mobility.

6. Underground scooptram loader features full hydraulic steering gear, compact structure, stable steering, and convenient maintenance.

7. The underground scooptram loader features a fully hydraulic wet multi-disc brake and simple construction, reliable braking, and a maintenance-free dual-pipe braking system.

8. The underground scooptram loader operating mechanism has a high unloading height and a long unloading distance.

9. The underground scooptram loader employs double pump confluence technology to reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system.

What are the benefits of underground scooptram loaders?

1. The underground scooptram loader employs swivel support to connect the frame swing, which significantly reduces the failure rate.

2. The underground scooptram loader operation system adopts full hydraulic operation, which makes the operation of the scraper more agile, effectively reduces the failure rate, and improves the work efficiency.

3. The underground scooptram loader work system uses a pilot hydraulic system, which simplifies the work procedure, increases work efficiency, and reduces work intensity.

4. The underground scooptram loader integrates the actuating brake, parking brake, and emergency braking to simplify the braking system. The brakes use friction plate spring brakes, and the oil release the brakes, improving the safety and reliability of the brakes.

5. The cable take-up system employs hydraulic control operation and stable pull-in pressure, which guarantees the normal service life of the cable.

6. The bucket of the underground scooptram loader has a V-shaped structure, so there is little shovel resistance, and a flat-mouthed excavator can also be used.

7. The engine tail gas treatment of the underground scooptram loader employs a dual purification system of a three-way catalytic converter and water filtration to maximize the resolution of air pollution.

8. Underground scooptram loaders are suitable for shoveling and transporting blasted ore and rubble, and can also be used for highway, rail, and tunnel projects.

Hambition Drivetrain Components & Parts Co., Ltd has developed a variety of underground scooptram loaders and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. If you are in the underground scooptram loader business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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