Underground Loader Rebuild

This FL10 underground loader already served for 5 years in an iron mine. After site survey, we offered detailed rebuild maintenance plan, including structure part, dynamical system, drive system, hydraulic system, electrical system, air conditioning system, lubrication system and other parts.


In the agreement, we guarantee every parts would use the original parts, and newest type option. After the rebuild, we will test and adjust the vehicle according to documents offered by our client.


Taking structure parts as example, we found problems as follows:

1. The miner requires that the top cover of the cage should be modified according to the new car status because the original car blocks the sight;  

2. The blade of the shovel is seriously worn and the bucket needs to be welded locally;  

3. There is deformation in the hinge position of front frame and rear frame, which needs to be returned to the factory to correct the deformation;  

4. The wire harness steel pipe above the big arm is damaged and needs to be replaced together with the pipe clamp;  

5. Rust and failure of bolts, nuts and spring cushions in varying degrees, and partial fall off;  

6. The pin shaft and axle sleeve of the whole vehicle are in the overhaul period and need to be completely replaced;  

7. The flange end cover has collision deformation and needs to be replaced when it is dismantled and judged in the factory;  

8. The phenomenon of local jamming of rotary bearings requires replacement of all bearings in the structural part;  

9. The car paint wear is serious, to be overhaul after disassembly need sandblasting, spray paint.


 underground loader rebuild15

 underground loader rebuild23

Rear tailstock was deformed by impact.

Rear hinge of the bucket is badly worn

 underground loader rebuild44

 underground loader rebuild40

The position of the expansion tank would block out the sight

Left side protective plate deformed.

 underground loader rebuild41

 underground loader rebuild04

Radiator ventilation below-window is missing

Fuel tank flange is deformed because of impact.

 underground loader rebuild05

 underground loader rebuild06

The upper cover of the hydraulic tank is squeezed out of shape.

The front axle right tire fender is damaged.


We offered a full set of rebuild plan and talked every details with our client. After rebuild, we would also test before delivery.


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