Russian Gold Mine


| Project brief introduction:

Russian underground loader08

This is an annual output about 200,000MT gold mine from open pit mining turned into underground drift mining. 

As they came to us for many detailed negotiation, we recommended our FL04 underground loader for an early stage digging and anaphase operation.

Russian underground loader01    Russian underground loader09   Russian underground loader07

After investigation, we found they are lack of experience of underground mining, and have problems in most of the vehicle management.

Russian underground loader07

| Problem 1: From open pit mining converted to underground mining, they are lack of spare parts stock experience, and not familiar with the underground vehicles.

Russian underground loader04


| Problem 2: They are lack of professionals for underground vehicle maintenance.

Russian underground loader03

| Problem 3: Lack of regulation of document management, which make them not easy to form a standardized management.

Russian underground loader09

According to their situation, we offered detailed solution as follows:

  1. We dispatched 2 engineers with over 5 years experience for permanent on-site  to help with the maintenance for 1 year. They helped build a complete spare parts storage and taught them hand in the general maintenance parts.

  2. We offered a complete set of training including usage, maintenance, repair from theory to operation.

  3. We provide a full range of standardized inspection process system, maintenance of equipment before start-up and the inspection item schedule document.

  4. Help the mine build the vehicle document base, including maintenance time and failure logging.

  5. Help the mine to build a production database for a cost calculation with details of fuel consumption, extracted ore tonnage, operation time, spare parts storage quantity and price.

Russian underground loader01       Russian underground loader02

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