Russian Copper Mine


| Project brief introduction:

Russian underground loader02

This is an annual output about 750,000MT copper mine associated with polymetallics. Tunnel size is 3.5m*3.5m.

They used to use Epiroc ST2D in the early stage. After some time many problems came out, such as the machine is too expensive, after-sales service is not on time, spare parts leadtime can be too long, etc, which made them have to find a fitter supplier of underground vehicles.

| Problem 1: The management mode is relatively simple, most details are not specificated.

Russian underground loader12

According to the condition of the whole management, we helped with two parts:

1) After research, we offered a complete flow system standard, including maintenance before vehicle startup, project check schedule, etc;

2) Help the mine with vehicle record with every details like items and time nodes;

3) Help the mine build a complete production database in order to calculate cost, including fuel consumption, extracted ore tonnage, operating time, quantity for spare parts with price, etc.

| Problem 2: The cost of purchasing imported vehicle is very high

Fambition underground scooptram loader is a reliable manufacturer. The core component are all using global famous brand, like Dana shaft, Kessler axle, Deutz engine, etc.

Fambition has a strict series of testing standard for every parts, the monolithic component is cooperating with supplier of Doosan, Takeuchi.

Just as the underground scooptram, quality level can be same as global famous brand, price is much more competitive.

| Problem 3: the after-sales service & spare parts supply cannot be that satisfied.

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① Under limited condition and technology, the mine would face a problem of too long downtime. It may cause a low efficiency problem.

Considering this problem, we offered a special after-sales service as follows:

We dispatched 3 after-sales engineer with over 5 years experience for on-site service. They trained the drivers at regular intervals and taught accendant how to deal with different kinds of trouble.

② About the spare parts supply, because of different brand and the universality, nearly every mine will have plenty of storage. According to this, we gave two parts of solution:

a. Our underground scooptram loader spare parts are 70% universal with LH307 which made the most of original storage.

b. We also offered a complete series of maintenance parts and build a consignment inventory in the mine, our engineer should give spare planning generally, to help reduce the wasted time, and reduce the pre-fund occupation of mine.

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